Five nordic nations in one society.

The mission of The Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (SSAI ) is to promote safe, modern and effective care for our patients needing the competence of anesthesiology and intensive care. In SSAI the five nordic nations with shared values and preferences, work together to harmonize the work of the five national societies, based on high nordic ambitions and expectations in health cares.

Modern, but timeless, complex, yet simple
Basic geometric shapes as circle and line are composed to create a new dynamic alphabet and a distinct logo. The 5 circles symbolizes the 5 nordic countries. Flow, rhythm, network and connections has been important keywords in this process. Every letter depends on the next to make a perfect balance.

– Dear TANK, thank you for a very good result and an exciting, stimulating and very positive project process with your wonderful team! The SSAI enjoys the new look and identity.


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